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Welcome to my webpage.
So you ask, "Why darrelltheman'?  Well, it was originally going to be, 'darrellmarshall.com' but 10 years ago when I created this page, my other brother darrell beat me to it.   Then my A.D.D. kicked in and said, why not 'darrell the man', for a man, that you are, and only a man you shall be, so I said "Yes, I shall be Darrell the man.  For I am, but a man, and a man here I stand, and standing I shall be. So I used that until I recently discovered that www.darrellmarshall.com was available, and now I own both!!! GO TEAM!!!!!"
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"You can never
go down
the drain."
- Mr. Rogers
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October 1, 2014:
"darrell's Wonderful World of Webpage" is currently being "Updated" and "Improved".  It's not exactly "New" yet, but hopefully soon will be.  I now have 2 web addresses and www.darrellmarshall.com is the NEW ADDITION!!!! HERE.  Shazam!!!
Provocations not entirely my fault, really...
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