the marys
The band "the marys" was a band formed by myself and Steve Tanner of Albany, in 1989.  It consisted of:         
Keith Baitsell - lead vocals
Steve Tanner - bass
Patrick Foster - guitar
Richard Tucker - drums/percussion (second drummer)
Derry Delamar - drums/percussion (our first drummer)
Darrell Marshall - guitar / bk vocals
All the recordings of this band, except for two, were recorded on a Tascam Portastudio, 4 track analog recorder, and the quality has somewhat deminished over time.  I'm in the process of remastering as much of the material as possible and cleaning up what I can, but needless to say, the quality is still lacking considerably.  I'm working on getting the songs posted, but if you'd like a remastered cd, please contact me through email.  The MP3s that will be posted are not the quality of that which you can purchase.  This is still under construction so be patient.  I will most likely not have anything finished before Febuary 1st, 2005, so until then, just be patient and listen to these lo-fi jems. 

If there is anyone out there who happens to have any pictures of the marys, please contact me, as my stuff was flooded in 1994.  If you know Richard Tucker, please tell him to contact me, because he has some video footage, as well as some other recordings I believe.  I'm not sure of where he is now, so Richard, if you're out there, call me.
Bambi Bloody Bambi
447kb - 1:54 - MP3
I wrote this song in 1987 with Joel Satterfield, during my punk faze.  Other songs written the same day include, Psychotic Mailman, and Teenage Vomit Party.  I have yet to find the recording of Teenage Vomit Party, but Psychotic Mailman will be posted somewhere under "Eat My Biscuit" recordings.  This song was recorded on the Tascam and included Derry playing drums.  It was before Patrick and Richard joined the group, and was recroded in Sure Things' (aka Discount Superstar) band room, as well as Exit Seven's band room, which Derry was officially playing drums for at the time.
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