The Unofficial Webpage
Philema Road Baptist Church
Leesburg, Ga
Pastor: Dan Harris
Sundays 9:45 to 10:45 Sunday School
               11:00 AM Morning Service in Santuary
                 6:00 PM Evening Service in Santuary
Wednesdays 7:00 PM Evening Services in Santuary
                      8:00PM Praise and Worship in Santuary
Here are some of my favorite sermons by Dan Harris:
August 1, 2004 -
Are you a Profitable Servant?  MP3 - 3.29MB
Below are some pictures from Resurrection Sunday 2005.
This is a picture of the congregation from the viewpoint of where I sit.
This is a picture of Dan's back.
This is a bunch of people who claim that they can sing mixed in with a bunch of people who can't see very well, so they sit here in the front.
This is Johnny White who gives announcements and other tid bits of unusual and sometimes useless bits of information.
This is Mrs. Prickett, our piano player.
These are my friends Melissa and Casey.
This is Carl Harris, our choir director, who just so happens to be Dan's dad.
This is my friend Melissa, who apparently today, suffers from heavy headedness.
This is my friend Tori, but she doesn't always look like she's about to fall asleep, only in church.
This is Willie.  He learned how flamable coffee creamer is at youth camp from a counselor which shall remain anonymous.
Do not fret Stephanie, I'm looking for a picture of you, but I'm not sure where it went.  Patience young grass hoppa...