There once was a lad named Wesley,
                                           who had an extremely noxious coat...
How did it get this way?  We do not know.  But we do know that it reeked in such a disturbing manner.
One that brought great distress to many a passer by...
One can almost feel the stench of it's nastiness...
No one was spared.   It tormented all, great and small...
The smell was so horrible that something had to be done, but what?  What could possibly combat this offensive odor?  Hmmm...
I know!  The "New and Improved Industrial Strength Sacred Candle" fighting power no less!   But will there be enough?
Alas, there's no reason to fret.  For Scott has found even more "New and Improved Industrial Strength Sacred Candles".
Donny said, "I found some too!"
"Hey!!" exclaimed Kate, "I found some more candles too!!"
But even with all those candles, the wretched rancid demon could not be conquered until the candles were set aflame.  

   "But who has any matches?  Someone fetch the match boy, at once!!"
Benjamin the Match boy.
It was then that many started wondering, "Maybe if we don't wear our coats, no one will notice?"
Infact, the thought even crossed the mind of Wesley...
Wesley was even more fond of the idea when he noticed how women flocked to him when he did not wear the stinky coat.
But that hope was short lived, as soon as Photoman appeared.  "Everyone, put on your jackets NOW!!"
Quickly everyone threw on their coat, including Wesley, for he knew the wrath of Photoman was not something to be taken lightly.
The End.
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