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Over the years, I've been asked numerous times,
"So, what can you see?"
"What do you see?"
This is my attempt to please the masses.  Never before has this ever been attempted, until now!!!  For the very first time, you, a somewhat normal average web surfing person with somewhat normal average visibility, will see for the very first time,

Through many years of intense research and discovery, scientists at dtm laboratories have finally invented the secret formula that will allow almost anyone to experience the same visual experience as darrell...
Right Eye
Left Eye
.. These black dots represent where blind spots appear when my right eye is focused on the red dot.
These black dots represent  blind spots in my right eye, when my eye is focused on the red dot.  This is an aproximation of their location and most likely does not include all of them.  The do not, however, appear black all the time.  Most of the time, they appear as white or gray blurry spots, especially when I'm in a well lit room or outside.
As for my left eye, I can not see anything at all