wonderful world
The three paintings below are part of a series of paintings called "Special Ops".  It was the result of an experiment with color and they somewhat 'play' with the cones and rods in your eyeballs, which result in the bouncing effect.  I did not intentionally paint any particular subject in the painting, but those who have veiwed them, claim to see frogs, bears, horses, an old man, fish, as well as other things.  I guess it is the same as looking at clouds.  Please let me know what you see, I'm curious and also, since my vision is bad, I'm unable to enjoy them like I used to, so it's always fun to see them through someone else's eyes.
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Special Ops No. 4 - oil on canvas - 3'x4' - 2002 - $500
Special Ops No. 2 - oil on canvas - 3'x4' - $700
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Special Ops No. 1 - oil on canvas - 3'x4' - 1994 - $1000  (bad photo)