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Here is a listing of writings and things that I hope you find interesting:
Scribbles and such...
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There Here Somewhere else

Hello my love,
My sweet romance,
So many dances have we missed,
A tender glance across the years
Forgiven tears, a river's mist,
How long I've waited,
And shall wait more,
My heart aches patiently  and still,
For your knock upon my door,
To return, at last you will,
Never did I once forget
The sweet comfort of your embrace,
Nor the taste upon my lips,
The cherished love of our last kiss...
darrell's  wonderfully sappy love poetry
(artists need love too)

Alas, my love,
Where did you flee?
You broke my heart and left me low,
Please come back,
Oh dear please,
My broken heart ails me so...
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This is a letter to the editor of the Albany Herald that I wrote after the Columbine incident.  The art work is not mine, but it seemed to reflect the same meaning so I included it also.