This page shall be dedicated to those that I annoy and aggravate every so often.  If you happen to show up on this page, please be aware that a blind man took the picture, so no excuses.
This is my sister Kate.  I figured no one gets more aggravated by me than her.  She is also an artist.  I will be posting some of her work soon.
My sister Kate.
My sister Kate, duh?!!
My sister Kate.
Here is a picture of my sister and David Byrne, formerly of the 'Talking Heads'.  I'm still a bit jealous over this one.  Notice that she's "Incognito Kate" instead of just regular Kate. Yep.
Kate and David Byrne
This is my brother Wesley.  He is the middle child.  The sibling inbetween Kate and myself.  He has learned a lot in the art of aggravation, but he still has so much to learn.  This picture includes Christy, Wesley's wife, but before I get ahead of myself, you must be told "The Marvelous Legend of the Strongly Offensive Malodorous Coat"...
This is Wesley with his lovely bride Christy.
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